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The Projects

Photo credit : JL Blais -  Lavender wands : FRANC 1884

    Your events

We accompany you in your most beautiful moments.

A reception, a seminar, a special day...

Everything is possible!

fuseaux de lavande, fuseau de lavande, f

Photo credit : remi Dupac

Design floral : lettre à Elise events

Mobilier : be lounge

tableware : joli bazaar

Photo credit : JL Blais

Lavender wand : FRANC 1884

Photo credit : Xarazm

Wedding dress : Mademoiselle'O chez O'scarlett 

noel linge de maison.png


Our collaborations

We are very happy to sometimes cross paths with a great house.

I have admiration for those who keep the flame, the identity, the culture alive with passion.

Each time, it is their talent and their professionalism that express the permanent taste for excellence.

Also, I thank all of them, for their easy access, and for having taught me so many things about their jobs,

on the materials to be used, and the infinite possibilities that remain to be explored. 


Thank you for your confidence in our project which puts nature and gestures at the service of humans. 

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