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Our adventure


An eternal need for nature.


From the ice of the North to the heat of the South, from my long journeys, I have kept the welcome of the populations and the moving impact of the perfumes.

The people of the sea have taught me to "do the right thing" in the interest of all.

From now on, my life only has meaning through the exchange with others.

Back on land, the following years were spent as an engineer in industry, energy, research and civil nuclear power, where I learned the requirement of Quality.

But I miss the presence of nature every day.

25 years ago, when I arrived in Provence, the magic of the encounter worked again when a neighbor welcomed me with a spindle of lavender. This gesture is powerful and symbolic because it is "all of Provence that welcomes me"...

From now on I will make this gesture a strong vector in my life, because I want to live it open to all.


"Sourcing beautiful lavender & ribbon materials, and constantly discovering".


Unique and exceptional, lavender seduces us, and each year is a new encounter. 
Sourcing materials, whether agricultural or textile, means learning several trades. 
Indeed, it is necessary to master the fundamental processes and understand.
Thus, sourcing and selecting materials are responsible acts, and the DNA of our business. Also, we master from A to Z the elaboration of our lavender bouquets or various perfumes, from their origin in the fields to the user. 
Lavender and lavandin offer us so much to discover that excellence tells us: everything remains to be done!
Perfumers always talk about the famous "madeleine de Proust"... I must admit that my first Château Margaux 1976 was not a childhood memory, but an encounter, an emotion that told me "encore"... the same for the love of my life.
She is the spark that lights the fire, she is the one I love passionately: the Meeting.
Without it there is no madeleine...


"An art that has life does not reproduce the past, it continues it" A.Rodin


The art of living has a certain usefulness in everyday life.

The Lavender Spindles are an amazing source of inspiration. With time, I understand what is so wonderful about these objects: they serve as a link between people.

A timeless Provencal art and a true olfactory signature for the whole world, they carry the values of sharing, freedom and excellence.

They are in harmony with our time because the scents to be breathed must be good for the body and the spirit. When you are at sea, in the forest or in the mountains, your body knows how to breathe deeply. When you are in the airport perfume shops or elsewhere, it does not...

There is good news! Breathing well today? it is possible. So take care of the ones you love, share and brighten up your living spaces.

Human experience through the ages has shown that well-being, happiness, and hospitality contribute to building bridges and peace between peoples and continents.

Also, being a "perfume carrier" today is a beautiful idea, and my job has a very beautiful destiny.


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