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#1 I miss Nature : the Encounter

Living, adopting, constantly. Being able to put what you love, at the center of what you do, is a real chance for life.

I chose my path at sea 40 years ago, I still miss its smell.

While this need nature persists, the encounter with mountain lavender 20 years ago opened a new path for me : natural perfumes.

I then opened a door to an incredibly exciting world.

Once launched, I faced trials, sometimes hard, that only a newfound joy can heal, so to surround oneself with beauty remains essential. Today it is a "small every day happiness" that accompanies me, a mysterious object that carries the smells in time.

As a sailor, I have kept the desire to explore, discover, learn, love, be free and create.

The language of smells is universal, accessible to all. It offers a marvelous freedom, without borders. It's shakes up standards in a world where the big players who rule the mass industry, neglect creativity, quality & excellence.

Our world is fragile, and each of us has the power to protect it.

In Provence, the beauty which imposes itself is Nature, easily accessible, it too often succumbs to narrow "clichés".

Lavender is an exceptional plant, at the same time "fragrant + aromatic + medicinal", yet it is also often reduced to an embarrassing "banality".

For me, this authentic encounter is a rare opportunity that now shares my path, and for years, surprises me and fascinates me.

Beyond the suffocating conformism, I offer you an adventure, a quest for excellence, passion and creation...An olfactory journey. Philippe Read more soon...

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