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#2 The Soul of Provence

"I quickly got to know this flower better. There had always been, on the planet of the little prince, very simple flowers, decorated with a single row of petals, which did not take up any space and which did not bother anyone. The little prince had kept a very close watch on this twig, which did not resemble the other twigs. The flower kept preparing itself to be beautiful in the shelter of its green room. It chose its colors with care.

Chapter 8 - Le Petit Prince

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

If Provence is the place where great painters, arts, fashion, time of life and harmony around a table meet, it is because it is a paradise between earth and sky, where poetry is celebrated. It is the place where each one of us keeps his childish look and finds a laugh that gets lost on the mouth.

Flowers, fruits, food, permanently emit a multitude of extreme light and beautiful odorous substances: they are beautiful olfactory molecules.

The nature in Provence is beautiful and generous, lavender is the imprint of this accessible paradise, its color and smell are incomparable.

Every family’s succeeds when it creates happiness and simple joy every day, that's the purpose of the lavender wand.

That’s why, Franc1884 has the mission to make you touch with your eyes, fingers, and nose these miracles that nature offers us every year in our mountains.

Thank you to all the Little Princes who help us in this mission :-) not to lose the north.

Philippe read more soon...


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