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#3 Valentine's Day, secrets of lavender

Give me a poem to see me smile Give me a scent to feel alive Give me a color to paint this moment Draw me a personal message Draw me an eternal moment Draw me words to let go of my feelings

Tell me about always,

Speak to me with humor, But above all speak to me of Love

An English tradition dating back to the 14th century, Valentine's Day is a reminder of the small bills that Valentine and his Valentine exchanged.

The key to seduce is to find a nice idea. Poetry is an art, which nourishes creativity, so offering a poem to your loved one is so romantic.

It is offering a beautiful text that makes you happy, which has allowed this living tradition in the Anglo-Saxon world to spread Valentine's Day across continents in recent times.

The charm of the past still carries this "festival of love" always present in lovers. The ancient world sometimes protects what the modern world has made too commercial.

It is the same for the perfume industry...

Indeed, sometimes the smells of the past, rare and pure, knew how to trigger passions. Also the first perfumed banknotes were already causing the first dizzy spells of love...

But what was used then to bewitch the soul mate?

Among the "bewitching" plants, one magic plant that was widely used was lavender.

It was even sometimes used in love potions, to "make the other person accept him/her as he/she is". In love, there is no need to lie, it is even about self-esteem, because it is impossible to force to love. So to see happiness in the beloved one, it is the sought-after rejoicing, and a poem or a bouquet of perfume are enough to make Valentine's Day, an invitation to a better world?

A Heart of Lavender of your choice will be able to carry for you this poetic message towards your loved one.

The artist (the poet) in love is you.


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