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#6 The true scent of lavender part.1

Some smell like mint, mandarin or even mushrooms...

The real quintessence of lavender is found in the mountains, in the bouquets that we harvest for you at the best times, at the best altitude and when the calyxes are full of essential oil.

If lavender has "several facets" it is because the notions of terroir, species and varieties are particularly real.

If lavender is revered by the greatest perfumers, and since Antiquity, for its nuances of odor, it is because it is different and unique. In addition to the heady scents extracted from resins or woods, it already offered 4200 years ago an exceptional and overwhelming floral freshness.

So no one today should make light of it, under the pretext that it is generous, or too often confused with lavender hybrid.

On the contrary, we must love it, discover it, and our mission since 18 years is to bring you the purity harvested, and transported in bouquets, bottles, balls, or spindles of lavender with an unequalled finish. Its fragrance is touching, pure, and lasting.

Lavenders are short, and lavandins are long, so according to our creations, we make spindles of lavenders or spindles of lavandins.


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