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fuseau de lavande inspiration Fabergé, ruban satin écru et galon vague or

Lavender wand Fabergé inspiration ecru & gold


Our "Exception" collection is composed of Lavender or Lavandin cultivated in the mountains of Provence in the Unesco Biosphere.

Eco / luxury universe - Lasting scent (several years),

The weaving is inspired by the famous and prestigious Fabergé house

1. 100% ecru satin ribbon

2. Golden wave ribbon

Our ribbons are made in Saint-Etienne, the ribbon capital of the world.

Our objects are made by hand *, they require rare application and exceptional know-how.

Height: 18cm

* Non-contractual visuals

  • Caractéristiques

    Fuseau de lavande inspiration Fabergé tissé avec un ruban satin Écru et un galon vague Or. 

    La hauteur du fuseau est d'environ 18cm et le diamètre 4,5cm*

    *Nos fuseaux de lavande sont fabriqués à la main, chaque pièce est unique. 

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