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Photo credit : JL Blais -  Lavender wands : FRANC 1884

Coffret Art de Vivre Christian Dior x Franc 1884

- The private collection Christmas 2022 -

Philippe has been picking lavender in Provence for 20 years. He explores lavender fields with passion. 

It's an immense privilege for him to follow the bees and observe the serins, accumulating precious clues to ensure the best possible harvest. His passion for scents helps him to improve everything that influences the alchemy of scent : terroirs, altitude, varieties, insects, the knowledge of men, boldness, weather agility, so that the pleasure of emotion is finally shared with all those we love : the emotion of a fragrance.

Philippe believes deeply in lavender, in its fragrant varieties, in the nobility of its complex volatile substances, which express themselves every year in our mountains of the Luberon, the Vaucluse and the Montagne de Lure.

He works freely at the antipodes of current practices.

After being chosen in 2007 by the Dior Montaigne boutique, we achieved our first feat for the Cheval Blanc Hôtel in Courchevel in 2011 (replacing the lavender fragrance with the legendary establishment's signature Blue Cedar fragrance).

In 2022, we're collaborating on two ambitious projects : one placing "lavender on top" in a magnificent Dior Art de Vivre box for Christmas, and the other, via a new feat, placing EAU NOIRE fragrance (created by Mr Francis Kurkdjian) as the N°24 gift for Christmas Eve in the Dior advent calendar.

All this is the fruit of expert know-how, an ever-present audacity, and the mutual trust that makes for

a successful working relationship.


We are very happy to sometimes cross paths with a great house.

I have admiration for those who keep the flame, the identity, the culture alive with passion.

Each time, it is their talent and their professionalism that express the permanent taste for excellence.

Also, I thank all of them, for their easy access, and for having taught me so many things about their jobs,

on the materials to be used, and the infinite possibilities that remain to be explored. 


Thank you for your confidence in our project which puts nature and gestures at the service of humans. 

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