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Meet - us

- Philip -

Creator & Founder

Merchant Navy Officer,

converted to industry and energy, he manages projects in France and internationally. His passion for the arts, the terroirs and the wines, made him switch to the world of natural perfumes.
This opens doors for us to a natural and beneficial future.
Passion and innovation allow him to master techniques and new processes for the love of natural fragrance.

fuseaux de lavande, fuseau de lavande, l


Quality Manager

Passionate about Quality, he has an engineering culture. His talent his agility and his rigor make the

challenges possible. Our mastery of the right actions allows us to achieve the desired goal. Our team can Improve, innovate and push furthet our technical knowledge and that allows us all together to invent our new profession: transporting best smells. With nature, we participate in the challenges of tomorrow.

fuseaux de lavande, fuseau de lavande, l
Marc FRANC 1884.jpg

- Jeans -

Lavander Farmer

Passionate peasant, guarantor of ancient knowledge, he is the heir of generations in lavender. A true expert, he teaches us to value our unique environment. Friendship and common work are essential, with Jean, we combine our knowledge to succeed in collecting the best substances. Aware of what we have in our hands, our clear and common goal is to create together an exceptional success

fuseaux de lavande, fuseau de lavande, l
Laura FRANC 1884.jpg


Events Coordinator

Passionate about the worlds of wedding fashion & art, she brings your events to life. ESMOD graduate, and 5 years spent in a Parisian wedding dress workshop

she brings her creativity to Franc1884. Arlésienne, she shares with Philippe the passion for history and a heritage around lavender and is not afraid to upset traditional codes or to bring style and modernity.

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