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Our job


"The Luberon: a paradise between the earth and the sky, where the alchemy of fragrances is created." 


As with great wines, lavender and lavandin require the best terroirs.

The quality depends on the altitude, the soil and the climate specific to each variety. 

To guarantee an exceptional harvest, to make the best vintages, we have learned to harvest at the best time, respecting the time of nature. The altitude is capital, because it brings the dose of cold, which disappearing then with the Mediterranean heat allows the lavender to give its best. 

Unesco Biosphere Reserve, one of the purest ecosystems in the world, make our fields pesticide-free sanctuaries. 

We harvest at ideal altitudes the fine Lavender, (1100m), and the Lavandin (hybrid) (500m) in a traditional way with the greatest care. 

Thus, our harvests come only from the natural places of existence for each variety.

Lavandin for example, could only grow naturally in France, because it is a specific geographical hybrid, which needs 3 altitudes allowing its crossing at an intermediate altitude (between Mediterranean and High Alps) produced from the two species of lavender angustifolia & lavender latifolia already existing. 


"Quality, the happiness of the right gestures".


Sourcing materials, whether agricultural or textile, means learning several trades. 

It is therefore necessary to master the fundamental processes. 

Thus, sourcing and selecting are real acts of our profession. We master

from A to Z the elaboration of our lavender spindles, or other perfume bouquets, from their origin in the fields to the user. Each choice, each gesture has a direct impact on the quality.

This is why, after many years of research, we have written our QAM (Quality Assurance Manual) and scrupulously respect a list of 22 control points, which guarantee our exceptional finish.  

For example, the dimensions of our pieces depend on the height of the stems, and therefore on the varieties harvested. It is indeed the lavandins which allow to realize the pieces of big dimensions. The stems of lavender being shorter allow to realize the smaller dimensions.

As in any art, what is small is more difficult to make, and requires a rare dexterity. 


"If you're going to do something, you might as well do it right."


An art profession is above all a profession of passion. It is the passion that pulls us up.

The intelligence of the hand executes the gesture, the weaving is more or less difficult to realize

according to the quality of the ribbon. It is the agility of the mind and the ingenuity in the action that will allow us to create, to invent, to find the right solution, and to write the new rules of the art of our trade.

FRANC1884, is a force of proposal for the interiors and the art of living, and answers the current desires of nature and elegance. 

Innovation is at the heart of our vocation, and for almost 20 years we have been exploring and sometimes achieving surprising things. 

We are ready to share with you our developments and if you wish, to "integrate" you in our research. They are multiple, and sometimes shake up the established conformisms.

The most diverse fields are as many doors that open onto the future: hospitality, arts, events, health, etc...

With you, we will continue to live an amazing adventure.

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