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#4 Lavenders before anything else!

Without Lavender the history of French perfumery would not exist...

Do we have plants in France with fragrances other than lavender?

What are our real roots? Where are the best terroirs?

What is the true natural cradle of scents?

I have at heart to pay homage to lavender and lavandin, by creating Lavender Sprays, these "perfume boxes" designed to transport exceptional scents. They give you access to an exceptional "piece of nature" that is easy to transport or to offer to the people you love.

To "exception" we answer "unique". Unique are our objects, because they alone awaken all three senses: visual, tactile and olfactory.

I chose Lavender because it is local, Provence is its best soil, it is our garden in the mountains.

While other scents in the world come from far away, roses from Central Asia, mimosa from Australia, orange from China, jasmine from Asia, iris from Egypt, gardenia from the sub-tropical regions, heliotrope from Peru, reseda from North Africa, bitter orange from China, tuberose from Mexico, ylang ylang from Asia, clove from Indonesia.

When all these distant perfumes are sold under synthetic fabrications they are not worth the nectar or the vintages that lavender offers us naturally. My job, which I love passionately, is to bring you this. Nature is our perfumer and we are sources for you, harvesting creators and manufacturers.

With you we will go even further!

"Because lavender is better...


read more soon...


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