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#8 The true fragrance of lavender part. 2

The true fragrance of lavender 2

Like champagne, lavender is unique.

Champagne is France. It is linked to an exceptional terroir and to an excellence of know-how. Without this excellence of know-how, there is no more champagne...

It is exactly the same for lavender: it is France. It is attached to the best terroir in the world, and it really needs the excellence of know-how...

An art profession is a profession of passion. This passion requires excellence, and a creative and dynamic devotion turned towards the future.

From the vine to the wine, or from the field to the perfume, this is the natural path to excellence.

Our lavender has found its case to welcome it, "the lavender bottle" (the term most used throughout its history)

"a ribbon to seduce, a perfume to remember".

Our mission is to make you discover, share and offer a part of this rare and perfumed nature.

For that, every day we love, we discover, we follow and harvest in parcels, with passion.

The excellence of Provence


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