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#9 The true scent of lavender part.3

No extraction or separation, no distillation, no irritating spray... Lavender bottles offer you all the subtle fragrances at once, the heavy and light molecules are together in a pure and delicate harmony. They carry this rare part of nature.

A simple pressure and the perfume blossoms, it is "the perfume on demand".

Jean Louis Fargeon seduced Marie Antoinette with his perfumed preparations, and brought her bottles of lavender (small and easy to handle).

Their purity and simplicity made them irresistible.

Today, lavenders such as angustifolia, Diva, Carla, 7713 long stem, mallet, population or clonal lavender... all have a distinct olfactory signature, (as do the super and grosso lavandins hybrid).

In altitude, the dose of cold and the dose of sunlight play their role fully and lavenders benefit from a climate more favorable to quality than to quantity.

Nature acts at every moment, and we like what we discover...

The excellence of mountains of Provence


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