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Boule de lavande 6cm ruban velours amande et galon vague or

6cm gold wave & almond velvet ball


The lavender ball is handmade by the best talents trained in our workshops, this know-how is unique and created by FRANC 1884.

Depending on the length of the stems, the ball is small (Lavender) or large (Lavandin).

Our lavenders are all harvested at altitude, and selected in the heart of the Unesco Biosphere in the Luberon, without any pesticides.

Their strands are delicately turned over on the bouquet and are woven with one or more ribbons from Saint Etienne, World Capital of Ribbons.

The complete bouquet is totally pure and its exceptional fragrance lasts for several years.

Place it in your home, offer it as a bouquet or adorn your guest tables, they naturally decorate and perfume your world.

"A ribbon to seduce, a perfume to remember".


  • Caractéristiques

    La boule de lavande est tissé avec un ruban velours amande de 8mm et un galon vague or. 

    La diamètre de la boule est d'environ 6cm*

    *Nos boules de lavande sont fabriquées à la main, chaque pièce est unique. 

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